A letter to myself on my 23rd birthday.

For the 23 years in which we have gotten to know each other, I’ve seen you fall into the deepest of lowest and I’ve also witnessed your rise, your strength, your glory.

At times you have impressed me, you have really left me speechless by your boldness, your efficiency. At other times, I have wanted to move mountains just to console you & take away your pain which you never really show

You have been an extraordinary human being. You have made many people proud, you have shown love, you have given of your time, sometimes even of yourself, for others, friends and strangers .. You have shown bravery when there was none to be expected of you. You have been a kind compassionate caring human being (most times). And in so many countless situations, you have been more than what was expected of you to be. you have been trying and don’t you think, for a minute, that your efforts have gone unnoticed.

You have had moments of fear, of anxiety. There have been times when you stopped believing when your heart was shattered by life circumstances, You have been through it; some things no one even knows. And that’s alright, because you’re still here, still willing to go for another round of fighting. Because you’re still figuring it out; there was nothing handed to you, we both know that you have to fight for what you want…

Now, I mean today, makes it 23. 23 years of us, of slipping, falling, catching yourself to learn how to fall better.

In spite of your crazy mood swings & changes of heart, there’s something I need you to do!

Today, I need you to recall your values. Today, for your birthday, as a gift to us, I need you to stand in your truth. I need you to not settle, PLEASE DON’T !!. I need you to keep wishing for more than average, than mediocre. I need you not to sleep on your gifts, on your talents, I need you to preserve your essence and to always stand in your truth. ALWAYS OUMEIMA!

I need you to never stop expecting more for yourself, for your life. I need you to be all that you can be, not just occasionally, but ALWAYS!

Promise me that you will actively seek & expect the very best from every single one of your relationships. Because you deserve love in all its ways 🙂
(someone very Dear to us once told us that we will get it right on time 🙂 )

Let your birthday gift to yourself be: to love yourself unconditionally, to never trade parts of yourself to please others.. just never…

You are so much stronger than you believe. What really matters most is how you feel about yourself at the end of each day. and remember, keep trying to live a life in which should someone have anything bad to say about you, no one would believe it. Celebrate another year of life & I love you so much.

I am proud of you. You are a spectacular human being. You will accomplish a lot of wonderfully great things in your life and I can’t wait to witness all that you will become.

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