It may be a surprise to some, to know that the inhabitants of the Muslim countries in North Africa//Tamazgha/The Maghreb (Land of the setting sun in Arabic), are not ethnically Arabs, but different nations, speaking a different language than Arabic.

The North African region is home to the Amazighs. The Amazighs are different in blood, tradition, language, literature, art, and history, and should not be lumped together with the Middle Eastern as the same people.

“Amazigh” which means free humans or free men in the Tamazight language, a language that is almost extinct due to political reasons, which link these North African countries to the “Arab world”.

The Amazighs, are known to the rest of the world as Berbers”, although this name might be offensive to these ancient inhabitants of North Africa as the Arab conquerors called the Moors “Berbers” during the Arab conquest of this region in the 7th century. and ever since, The Arab minority have dominated this area, in connection with the Muslim conquest in the 8th century .

However, the amazighs remained The dominant ethnic group of populations like Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania until today which mainly consists of native berber stock, even after the total adaption of the Arabic language and culture ,you can still find isolated berber-speaking groups all over north Africa , the “Touareg” for instance , a nomadic berber tribe are still roaming the sahara , and preferred to maintain their original blue-colored costumes , their exceptional males warriors indigo veils , and the high position of women in the Touareg culture.

Formal berber teaching have been established in Morocco and Algeria but not in Tunisia, where the language have remained a myth ,probably due to centuries of arabisation which resulted to the total adaption of the Arabic language, hence reducing the number of those who considered themselves Amazighs .

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