I Quit My Job To Be A Full-Time Writer

launching out on my own as a full-time writer wasn’t an easy decision for me to make.
devoting myself to full-time freelance writing is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made so far.
People (usually curious ones in my circle) ask me how I did this, what am I doing how I became a writer, is “a writer ” a real job? and what advice I have for them, I usually caution them simply because my choices may not work for them same as they did for me.
writing was never my dream job but it has always been my passion, I actually never wrote anything to be posted before starting this blog, I only did it because it gave me an intense sensation of satisfaction from expressing myself deeply.
Pursuing a dream is hard and costly ( I’m so fortunate to have my father’s financial support whenever I need). It requires lots of energy and dedication, but it can be worth the effort.
These days, most people I know are talking about their dreams. They want to launch out into their life’s work or pursue a calling, and they’re doing it all wrong.
They think they need to take a giant leap out into the unknown when the opposite is true. It’s all about small steps over time.
The lesson here is simple: If you wait for someone to give you permission to start pursuing your dream, you’ll be waiting a long time. You have to begin before you think you’re ready.
I haven’t really had the time to write here lately since I’m now a full-time professional writer and that unfortunately affected my writing on my personal blog.
I know I don’t have too many readers here and that I only write for myself but I simply enjoy doing it.
I’m currently involved in sustainability and Green and I admit that it’s a whole new world to me but I think, sustainability will soon be our only way to survive.
You can check some of my stories here 🙂
I’m now writing stories of changemakers and green entrepreneurs across the MENA region and I’m enjoying it. 

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