I’ll probably never settle down.”  That’s the one sentence I keep repeating to myself

I travel to practice my broken Spanish, my weird Italian and my Franglish.

I’m the girl with a handmade notebook and an urging wanderlust.

Traveling has opened my eyes and my mind, I become expanded and fulfilled, humbled and small. This combination of feelings is addictive and the memories are haunting and constantly pulling me to go back. 

I hate routine, I would rather stay wild than become stagnant and comfortable, I don’t want to feel the pressure to choose between anything and I know what I want out of life.

I want inconsistency because it’s what keeps me entertained and interested. I don’t want to stop living out my dreams I just want to work hard, and travel. Those chills I get when I step outside the airport gates are everything.

I’m not going to lie here, but coming home becomes much sweeter after seeing other parts of the world, it helped me learn to appreciate my world. Sometimes I come home from trips physically and emotionally exhausted but still, I feel fulfilled.

May these feeling never end!

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