My ATM daily make up items favorites

Good Morning Girlies!

In the time of “No Time”, we actually have no time for our daily makeup routine, or at least I don’t.

Although I don’t wear too much makeup, I still have trouble finding the right mood at 5 AM to do my daily makeup 😦 which I end up doing at work or in the car haha

I will share my favorite little daily makeup collection; which is affordable I guess for most of you girls and also available and accessible in Tunisia, either online or from local shops.

*My two current favorite brushes come from elf, you can find elf shops everywhere in Tunisia (thank god):  

1-elf blush brush 

2-elf  flawless concealer brush

*The primer that I’m using at the moment is the “hard candy sheer envy  primer”
This primer is seriously a makeup game-changer. Using a primer is one of the best things you can do for your face makeup. Primers are kind of like a soft blanket for your skin. They tuck your little pores in and let them sleep away unseen, so your skin on the outside looks flawless
This primer is so silky and nice, it makes my face feel like the smoothest thing in the world.this one I got it from Paris but I think you can purchase it on eBay 😉

*The Milani Powder blush “Romantic rose”, again I typically choose the darkest blush color because I’m relatively dark and it’s a great neutral blush that will suit a range of skin tones. It’s the most understated color in the collection (that’s why I got it :p)  but still absolutely gorgeous.

Ok now we go on to my current two favorite blending brushes from Sonia Kashuk, as much as they look too fancy to be cheap, these two brushes are actually quite affordable: 

       1-Sonia Kashuk Duo-Fiber Pointed Blending Brush 

        2- Sonia Kashuk “The Sonia Kashuk Contour brush”

Sonia Kashuk Duo-Fiber Pointed Blending Brush 

My last one would be the “wet ‘n’ wild contouring palette- Dulce de leche ” (awesome name right ;D )

I personally am not a big fan of contouring as I haven’t mastered the technique yet, so this simple contouring kit is pretty helpful to my learning process 🙂

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