My Simple ordinary daily eyebrows makup tips

I know that we have been seeing on those youtube makeup tutorials that in order to define your eyebrows you need an “eyebrows kit” blah!
What if you don’t own that magical kit?
Here is My alternative 5 minutes routine for a perfect eyebrows result,  with no use of a “Kit”
*You can apply dark eyeshadow that matches your hair color all along your eyebrows to first define them,  most importantly is that you keep brushing them during the entire process ( i personally use an old Dior mascara brush to brush mine because big brands usually supply their mascaras with the best brushes)
After that being done,  take a tiny foundation brush and using your favorite foundation (preferably liquid) define the outside borders of your eyebrows  (in &out)
The last step is a little trick I use in order to give some depth to my eye is that I apply a NUDE blush under my eyebrow and blend it well.
; )

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