Pray For Love & stay Smart and beautiful

We go out and see a world in need of our help, but rather than lend a hand right then we choose instead to increase the distance between ourselves and those in need by hiring henchmen posing as aids of benevolence to lie to us, steal from us, and kill us and what we’ve been deceived to believe that freedom represents. We complain about and fight over the goons we either back or oppose and are persuaded into believing that maybe red goons instead of blue ones or blue ones instead of red ones will make it all better forever, failing to discern that goons will forever be goons, or that the mobs that they hail from will forever be mobs, just the same.

  And I’d like to add my own “I’m tired”s.

I’m tired of ignorance: people who are mentally lazy to exercise critical-thinking because it requires a certain kind of effort and homework to do which they do not have time for… time which they would rather utilize for much more important and fun activities that yields zero contribution to mankind, such as watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, for example.

I’m tired of sheep: people who just swallow whatever mainstream media feeds them, never mind the fact and common logic that all MEDIA in the world is biased and only show what is in FAVOR of THEIR audience to show, and that to truly get the full picture of anything, one must actually follow bits and pieces here and there, do their own research and use their own common sense to come up with their own conclusion from which they can then pass judgment. Nah, that’s too much work. They rather just swallow.

I’m tired of ‘cherry-picking’: people who would go on saying things that are supposed to pass as “facts”, yet dodge others that would contradict and/or bust any logic of their own arguments. For example: A, B, C, D, E all did such and such crimes. They were Muslims. Tada. See? Thus, ALL Muslims are terrorists. I just passed you facts. (But I won’t mention that Timothy McVeigh, or Hitler, or Stalin to name just three weren’t Muslims……or that one of the BIGGEST genocide ever recorded in the world happened on the American soil (massacre of the Native Indians, anyone?)

I’m tried of “labeling”. All Jews are bad people because they’re Zionists who are all just after the OWO agenda , when people like Dr. Jonas Salk (who is of Jewish origin) made one of the most humane contributions to mankind that is the epitome of generosity: his polio vaccine which he refused to patent (when he could have made literally billion of dollars from) saved MILLIONS of lives.

I’m tried of intolerance. “Atheists” are cold-hearted, judgmental people. No compassion and they’re all going to hell. Perhaps, maybe, I could just easily make a point on this one by just saying I ACTUALLY have on my personal friends list atheists that are actually more honorable to have as friends because they are kinder, more tolerant and more compassionate than some of my own ‘relatives’ that are religious yet go on spewing hatred.

I could go on. And on. And on. And on. But I will suffice to say, what I am tired most from….is IDIOTS, and idiots just come in all flavors and colors and from all corners of the globe.Life is too short for hate. You begin by hating someone who is different than you … then, well, there is another one like the first one and you must hate them, too. Then, you realize that there are actually many folks in the world like the first one, and you are swamped by the effort of hating so many … not enough hours in the day to spend working on all that hate, on being so hateful, hate-filled. Soon, there’s no time for anything else. Nothing but hate. Life passes you by while you are working on that hate. Love passes you by. Peace passes you by. Joy passes you by. Some of the dreams you had for your life … gone. Years go by. Who was that first person again? The one who started all of this? Oh, wait, they didn’t start it — you did; actually your reaction to them did. Life is too short for hate. Choose love instead.

#NoHate #love

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