An Open Letter To A Soulmate Who Will Never Be Mine

To me the idea of soulmates was just a myth, I have always believed that only stupid people create this idea just to convince themselves that love exists and that they can do same as everyone else is doing… be in a relationship.
But you!!! , you came to my life just to convince me that I’m very wrong,
Almost spending my entire life believing that I was too « perfect » to have a soulmate, a person that is pretty much my alter-ego, my other self
Although you are my soulmate I know that this does not mean that our life and our love will always be easy.
I appreciate that you have come into my life to teach me, to push me and to trigger so many emotions that have tried frantically to bury deep inside.
Falling in love was the easy part for us, now we have to figure a way through life together and ensure that of all the things that will forsake us along the way, our love will not be one of them.

Our lives took many twists and turns before we met. If anyone of them had turned out differently, our chance may have passed. and oh my god we grew up to be the same!
Something somewhere brought us together at exactly the point in our lives we were ready to meet. Was it fate, destiny, the magic of the universe? Whatever it was, it seems as though it was written and I will be forever grateful.

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