Between the “He” the “She” and the “I”, a postponed “us”

He loves her but from a distance more suitable for the both of us. I always want to see her prosper, find happiness, and discover spaces much more suitable for her It hurt me, but this pain was my fault. I inflicted it on myself. All she did was seek her happiness, which is her right. When we hitch our “happiness wagon” onto other people, it is, in essence, so that we can blame them for our unhappiness. After all, if she was the reason for my joy, isn’t she the reason for my sorrow? The short answer is, of course, “no.” I am the cause of either my sorrow or my joy.
We hurt each other because we are afraid of the truth. We have standards to uphold, expectations to meet, and roles to play. We are lost without the identity we’ve been handed, and we are afraid of how those who reinforce that identity will react. We hurt each other because we simply don’t know what else to do.
She doesn’t leave him because of a bevy of lies she’s convinced herself are the truth.
He stays with her because he is afraid. Afraid he will be alone. Afraid that the life he has become accustomed to will fall into darkness. Afraid that he will never love again.
Imagine if he loved her so much as to set her free. Imagine if she loved him enough to let him go. Imagine if they loved each other to honor the spaces they were in, regardless of the spaces they came from.

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