Can an Interracial Relationship really Work ??

As the world becomes smaller and people become less apprehensive in mixing with other races, interracial relationships naturally increased and interracial couples are thankfully no longer a minority. There are tons of couples that are mixed and it is a beautiful thing indeed as love is what matters the most and not the color of the skin,

It is Good and even great to see that people are taking the initiative to blur the racial lines when it comes to choosing a mate, however, interracial relationships do come with their own set of problems.

Is it a Matter of Racism?

Indeed, interracial relationships do bring forth the issue of racism and discrimination. This is also true in many other interracial pairings with only the degree of severity being varied. Snide remarks from outsiders and the public may easily be ignored but when family pressure mounts and racism exists among our own family members, that is when real problems will creep into the relationship.

For many of us, we may think marrying outside our own race is not a big deal. But for the older generation, they may not be as accommodating. One of the partners may be sandwiched between his partner and his parents, that feeling of being insecure, hesitant would eventually break the relationship.

If parental objection exists in an interracial relationship; it can only work if you are prepared to sacrifice family ties to be with your beloved.

While this may sound overly dramatic to some of us, some people got actually disowned by their own parents for marrying outside their race.

No doubt, in many cases parents will eventually come to accept their child s choice of mate but this is normally after great upheavals and arguments that kind of strain ties.

At the end of the day, whether you want to take the risk of strained relations with your own parents to be with someone of a different race basically rests on your own ability to live with the potential guilt of hurting them and the prospect of being estranged from them.

SO what about cultural problems?

Sometimes, we do like to think that love will conquer all. After all, people say that love is blind, then what is the big deal with skin color?

As soon as love blossoms, reality creeps in not long after, it is very hard to adapt each other’s culture and faith, and this is why Religious reasons may be one of the main reasons that shake interracial relationships stability. It is clear that differences in culture, religion, and norms make it doubly hard for interracial relationships to succeed.We might be thinking that they are insignificant but each little difference adds up to make an interracial relationship struggles to find a common ground.

We may be thinking that interracial relationships do not work because of the numerous factors that go into it, such as prejudice, cultural and religious differences, as well as family and social pressure .BUT this does not mean that interracial relationships DO NOT work for some.

In fact, there are some couples who made it work. and if any of you is willing to get involved in an interracial relationship, he should not be stopped by any of these challenges. I SAY GO FOR IT

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