Let Go! leave it all behind

There was that powerful connection, telepathic, with supernatural overtones ……… yes! that type of connection!

You may need or want to hold on to your dear love connection for a while, but you also need to learn to let go at the same time. It would be difficult. The process might take several months or even years. You don’t know when you will ever forget. Perhaps you never will. But despite it all, life goes on. Of course, it is always easier said than done. But then again, you’re left with no choice but to continue living. Proverbial as it may seem, the world will not stop spinning just because yours did. You have to stop strolling down the memory lane and should take a minute to live the present.  You have to stop punishing yourself for something you cannot anymore change. Stop waiting…!you need not be cynical about love. But you have to be positive about life. You need to be stronger than you think you can be. You have to push to transcend your heartbreak demarcated limits. Losing someone is not the end of the road, The challenge is to learn from your mistakes.Several things in this world are in need of your love and attention. Several things are more needed to be indignantly fought for. There are the children on the streets because just like your life after your love died, it goes on.

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