Take a Pause

Imagine reading a book in which there are no commas or periods. Page after page, all the words run together making it near impossible to decipher the intended meaning. Imagine listening to a piece of music that doesn’t have any rests in it.

What you’d experience is a cacophony of meaningless noise. Imagine getting into a car and driving it from point A to point B.

At your start point you press the accelerator to the floor and, without stopping at stop signs or traffic lights, you don’t release your foot until you reach point B.

This action will cause chaos and destruction to you and those around you. The commas and periods in written word and the rests in music are what give context and meaning to these forms of expressions.

Using the breaks while driving allows you to interact with others respectfully and safely on the road.

All of these are examples of Pausing and they create order out of chaos. In the same way, taking time out to Pause brings meaning to the energy you output in your life. Pausing and being fully present in the moment gives deeper meaning to your actions.

Pausing before reacting to another greatly enhancing meaningful, respectful communication. Pausing and turning your attention inwards helps you re-center yourself so that you can hear your truth.

It allows you to reconnect with your emotional center of gravity. Pausing also allows you to press that internal reset button and reconnect with the place within where your mind, body, heart, and soul meet.

From this point of being centered, you can then go out to meet your day, week, challenges. Now, will it be possible for you to go from living at break-neck speed to being fully present in every single moment, right away? Probably not, however, small steps repeated consistently over time generate extraordinary, long-lasting change and that’s something that is achievable!

So, take time out to Pause as often as you can during the course of a day. Right now it may only be for a few seconds at a time, and that’s okay. Make it your goal to become fully present in the moment, for instance, while sipping your morning coffee or sitting at a traffic light or speaking with your child.

Be in this moment as if nothing else in the Universe exists but this moment. Ask your senses to shake off their drowsiness and fully experience everything that is happening. Challenge yourself to discover beauty in each of these moments. Dare yourself to find something for which you are truly grateful.

In doing so, you will greatly increase the value and meaning of each moment you’re living and ultimately the quality of your life.

Kristina Jansz, Life-Skills

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