Dear Parents, Let her!

I think we all should venture out at least once alone to differently experience the beautiful world that we live in.

Dear Parents,

A few years ago, and after graduating, I didn’t like the little, unfulfilling jobs I was getting in Tunisia, nor my degree. Years later, I found that I am the happiest while traveling and writing, I took it up as my full-time job when I finally gained enough courage last year.

Okay, I know you might already be having a lot of thoughts. In your eyes, I might even have broken many ‘societal norms’ already.

I’m not old or wise enough to advise or suggestions. But based on what I have learned during my traveling and what life has offered, I want to share my slice of thoughts.

You “pamper” your daughters, protect them, and give them the best that you can. Education then hopefully ( if she is extremely lucky) she gets a job and earns some money. A few years later, you start thinking of marrying her off to a suitable boy (because that’s what she is supposed to do right?) Now, her first stage of life is ‘settled’, you have carried out your major ‘responsibilities’ and her first ‘milestone’ is met. Now the second milestone: having a kid. ( I want to add a rolled-eyed emoji here so bad)

As for me, I chose to skip this scheduled timelines of life as set by our society.

I understand that all these things that you would want to do for your daughter are of a huge value to you, but have you ever asked yourselves: what does she want? Is she even allowed to differ?

What if she wants more out of life than these? What if she wants to experience things that are not in this ladder?

What happens if she flies from the warm nest and takes a trip alone? Would you let her take the trip?

Let’s assume that she gets the ‘permission’ to travel and gets lucky to do that solo trip.

Remember! you pampered her from the cradle and she is your doting princess. Now she has flown and there is no one beside her. She has to plan, take care, protect her and of course, yes, travel!

It will scare her in the beginning. She’ll miss the comforts of home, but the all these will pass the moment she lands in a new city.

She will surely be OKAY!

Your daughter will become more confident about herself. She’ll learn to handle problems on her own, learn to manage her own life. She’ll learn to make decisions on the go and to take care of herself.

More than everything, she’ll realize that the world around is not as bad as she had imagined or conceived. The warmth and kindness of the strangers, the smiling faces of the kids, the clouds, rivers, mountains, food, culture and the beaches will make her immensely happy. She’ll learn to let go of things that are beyond her control. When she misses the luxury she had back home, she’ll value what she had.

She’ll appreciate the little things that she gets on the road. But most importantly, she’ll understand that she doesn’t need a knight to save and protect her, and she can be self-reliable.

That trip would have made her a better person. She would know how to handle problems. She would know how to stay calm when life throws lemons, because hey, she would have seen worse.

When your daughter returns from a trip, she would be a self-reliant, smart, compassionate and a wonderful woman with loads of experiences and lessons for life. Travel is a great teacher. It brings in experiences that are unique, priceless and memorable.

So next time when your daughter asks for your “permission” to go on that weekend trip, please do allow her. Make sure she takes all the precautions and keeps in touch with you, but please do allow her to spread her wings and fly, at least for a while!

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