Wherever you go, there you are *24

“Moving to a new city is beneficial because it forces you to face yourself and your faults. Oftentimes, we tend to blame others for our issues. Moving lets you see how things stay the same, and if you’re still unhappy no matter where you go, then you are the problem…  A new city gives me new hope, and a way to reinvent myself.” Maryann Reid

I just turned 24 and I was so ready to escape my safe and sheltered hometown life. Two days ago, and after getting rid of a job that was sucking the soul out of my life, I took a plunge and moved to a new city where I almost don’t know a soul. I knew that moving to Barcelona could give me that fresh start I have been craving for.

The goal is defying the odds; jumping headfirst into the unknown with an open heart and an open mind. While we may be comfortable living in our hometown, sometimes we need to ask ourselves if we’re truly taking advantage of the world’s opportunities, especially while we’re in our 20s. I knew that I needed to leave to realize how big the world is and how many different ways of life are out there.

Well, it really is. Once you open your mind to the possibilities of moving and traveling, you can go wherever you want.

So here’s to new beginnings… (oh and I probably had the best 24th birthday party/day ever :D)



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