I don’t write anymore…

Another year has passed, and this blog is getting quieter and quieter. I have not been writing a lot lately. But behind the scenes, I was writing a lot of stories. I lived, in a way that I never thought I would live. And so I lived. I lived to the fullest and had the best time of my life.

And I am sure, that there is more for me to come. Now it is time to figure out where the next step will take me. I am back home at the moment. I am working on my company and meeting my beloved old friends, that some of them I´ve known for years. I am starting and I try to find out where my heart wants to go so I can follow along. This is why I have not been writing here.

Writing this post, I realized how much I missed blogging, and I hope that I will find more time for it. Again. And I also hope that the few people who are reading my blog understand the way I feel. I am looking forward to reading your messages, hear your feedback and chat about your experiences. I want to read your stories and discuss feelings.

Here I am. Sitting down, feeling a little bit guilty that I´ve neglected my Blog. The reason I went home was my little self-project that I opened up to the world. Now, 1, 5 years later, I have stopped filling the empty pages. I stopped posting new articles. Now it is time to get back at it again. Because I learned about myself. I figured out I am not the classical blogger. Because I believe that, everyone has to find his own way.


So don´t be afraid to leave me a message. Because whenever someone tells me: “I´ve never seen you happier” or “It is so impressive that you´ve done what a lot of people only speak about but never dare” it makes me so happy because I want to inspire others to face their indecisiveness and go out to the world no matter how hard it seems.


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