Ouma & co

Ouma & Co is my young independent communication and translation agency providing both professional and creative translation and interpretation services.

I write and translate texts into my native languages (Arabic & French), along with English, which is my third language. This ensures high-quality translations for my customers. 
Due to my cooperation with external native language translators, I am also able to offer you translations in and from the following languages: Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish.

With a localized approach and international experience, through Ouma & Co, I have been providing trilingual interpreting and translation services to the business community at large and the Worker’s Compensation and the sustainable and governmental industries.

It takes much more than a dictionary to be a good translator, and translators are not made overnight. To be a good translator requires a sizeable investment in both the source and the target languages, knowledge of the topic subject to translation and cultural awareness. It is one of the most challenging tasks to switch safely and faithfully between two universes of discourse.

  • Need something translated but aren’t sure the original is as good as it should be? I’ll proofread the original and then translate the improved text.
  • Need a text translated but want it shorter than the source text? I’ll translate the text, then edit and tighten it so it’s just as you want it.
  • Need a basic concept developed? In several languages? I’ll write a text for you and then translate it.

Work with me:

Have a business requirement? Questions? Do you require writing and translation services? Need more information about Ouma & CoYou can email me at  oumeimaboughanmi@gmail.com

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