My name is Oumeima Boughanmi and I am a yet unpublished writer. I’m consumed by words, thoughts & feelings.

Over the last five years, I tried to be anything else but a writer. Working in storytelling and creating your own agency can come across as a substantial substitute for doing what you were designed to do, but as time goes by, there is always some sort of gratitude each time a piece of my writing dashes into a stranger’s heart.

My personal writing is orientated towards emotions, reflecting my opinion that most of the answers we need can be found within ourselves, (Although the hardest thing to do is to be sincere with oneself.)

I am constantly looking for purity and the meaning of everything we live. I also believe that every person can find peace and satisfaction by practicing an art, whether painting, writing, dancing, acting or anything else, and you can always find the time for this, despite the tiring and repetitive 9 to 5 life.

I want to express the inner mechanisms of my imagination.This is the best method I found so far to show people how my inner world looks like and what I see in my daily life when imagination mixes with reality.

I am passionate, and this consumes and sometimes takes everything. I think writing feels to me like the only logical way to let words form in a shared perspective.

I drink coffee, I like silence but I’m a crowd lover too. I love sunsets and the beach in the early morning when it’s empty. I like watching strangers and talking to people I never met before for hours. I like airports, I like the idea of falling in love and love in general.

I have a love for words, beautiful words.

I write, translate & interpret. I’m a blogger by night and a coffee addict and a wanderer at all times.